MARCON, Lahore

Lahore is the heart and the cultural capital of Pakistan. It is the second largest city and the capital of the Punjab province. Lahore is at its best in March being the peak spring season when the city becomes even more vibrant and colorful.

Marketing Association of Pakistan is a premier body representing around 2,000 marketing practitioners and professional in the country. This association has made a significant contribution towards promoting the understanding of the discipline, encouraged new entrants in the field and constantly supported those who either sought or found their career in marketing.

International Marketing Congress (MARCON) is a high profile event and has been the top gathering of marketing professionals in Lahore. It has been established as a prestigious brand which attracts not only the top marketing professionals and business leaders as speakers, but also attracts sponsorship from the top national and multinational corporate players in Pakistan and participation of 400 to 500 marketing practitioners & delegates.

The main objectives of MARCON is to keep the marketing professionals abreast of the developments in the field of marketing in terms of new marketing techniques and tools, new challenges and changing marketing trends around the world. It provides them with a unique opportunity to listen to renowned Pakistani as well as international marketing practitioners and to interact with them and learn from their experience. It also provides them with a great platform for networking.

The first MARCON was held in 1992 at Karachi and since then it has been alternately held at Lahore and Karachi. MARCON 2017 is 12th in the series and 6th in Lahore.